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Back Up Pads

Back Up Pads

5" or 6"
5 Hole, 6 Hole, 8 Hole and No Hole
Male 5/16 arbor
Sold in Packs of 1




Industrial quality firm PSA (Sticky) and Hook & Loop (Velcro) backing pads are designed to fit orbital sanders requiring a male 5/16 arbor. Pads feature tough material that withstand the tests of time. These pads work best for sanding flat wood surfaces and metal finishing. They perform exceptionally well with course grits. Solid surface provides excellent adhesion to PSA discs while the hook surface provides a continual grip to hook and loop discs.





  • Firm PSA (Stick on) | Hook & Loop (velcro) Pad
  • 5" No Hole, 6" No Hole, 5" 5- Hole, 6" 6 Hole
  • 5" 8 Hole, 6" 8 Hole
  • Riveted Composite Hub
  • Male 5/16 – 24 Thread

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