We are incredibly thankful for the makers in the world. The cars we drive, the desks we sit at, the instruments we play, the houses we live in and more have all been created by those driven to make. As an abrasive manufacturer, Fintech Industrial Abrasives is in the business of making and we serve those who make things as well. We work with some of the largest woodworking, plastic, glass, stone, textiles, and metal finishing manufacturers in the country. We love helping people make things and we want to help the next generation earn the education they need to make even better things. 

This scholarship is open to university and college students, but it’s also open to those entering or attending trade schools. Electricians, plumbers, welders, mechanics, and construction workers help to make and maintain some of the most important tools and structures in society. It would be incredibly remiss of us not to celebrate those makers as well. 

Passion for Making Scholarship Overview

The Passion for Making scholarship is an annual $500 scholarship designed to promote craftsmanship. We’re looking for those who make things either professionally or leisurely to share their passion for creation with us. Students can detail what they create and why they enjoy it, or they can submit photos of a creation to us. Submissions can be in the form of: 

  • An essay

  • A photo

  • A video

  • An animation

  • A graphic

  • A poem

Students aren’t limited to the aforementioned media forms. Submissions will be accepted in other multimedia formats as well. Do you carve wooden sculptures? Have you built your own tiny home? Do you build model planes? Do you create your own clothing items? We’d love to see or hear about what it is that you’re passionate about making. 

Eligibility & Requirements

The Passion for Making scholarship is open to all US citizens entering or attending a university, college, or trade school in the United States as a full-time student. Applicants must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above. In addition to submitting a piece on creative passions, students must also submit a completed scholarship application form. The following materials need to be submitted to [email protected] by August 15th: 

  • A completed scholarship application form

  • A media piece (essay, poem, photo, video animation, etc.) demonstrating or explaining your passion for making

  • A certified copy of the student’s transcripts


  • The recipient of the Passion for Making scholarship will receive $500 to be used only for university, college, or trade school tuition and related educational expenses. 

  • The $500 check will be made payable to the recipient’s school. 

  • The application period for the scholarship ends August 15th. The award recipient will be notified of selection by September 7th. 

  • Students retain full ownership of their submissions. Fintech Industrial Abrasives will ask for permission to use submission content, the student's name, the student's school and/or pictures on the company's website and social media pages. 

Scholarship Deadline

Again, please note, all completed scholarship materials should be emailed to [email protected] by August 15th. Any submission emailed after August 15th will not be considered for selection for the current year, but may be considered for selection for the following year. 

Meet Our 2021 Scholarship Winner - Hope Matis

Hope Matis

Fintech Industrial Abrasives is honored to recognize Hope Matis as our 2021 winner for our annual Passion For Making scholarship. Hope was formally trained as an engineer with a focus on implementing cutting edge technology. However, her passion remained building functional and aesthetically pleasing objects by hand. Hope prefers using saws, axes, and chisels over industrial machinery. 

Hope engages in all kinds of making from weaving to decorative woodworking. Her main focus has been creating larger structures with natural materials. Hope really enjoys timber framing, because creating a finished frame requires a combination of engineering skill, craftsmanship, and artistic creativity. You can see some of her framing projects below, which include a pergola, a small studio, and a house addition. These projects were built using locally harvested trees.

Hope will use the scholarship to work towards her degree in sustainable landscape planning and design from the Conway School of Landscape Design. Hope is looking forward to being able to combine her existing knowledge in natural building with her studies in landscape design to create sustainable, low-impact buildings on properties with sustainable landscaping that pleases the eye. Her passion and drive for making are very evident. The Fintech team looks forward to seeing all of the things Hope will go on to make in her career.

Scholarship Privacy Policy

Fintech Industrial Abrasives strives to protect your privacy and safety. Below is an overview of the information collected and how that information is used. 

Personal Information

This site does not collect any personally identifying information about you aside from the information you knowingly and specifically provide to us via your scholarship submission. We do not share, trade, rent, or sell any of this information with non-related third parties. The information we receive is purely used to decide on a recipient for the scholarship. 


Please note that sending any type of data over the internet will never be completely secure. We work hard to keep your information protected, but we cannot guarantee the security of the data you transmit to us, and you do so at your own risk. 


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please reach out to [email protected]