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Surface Conditioning Type 'R' Quick Change Discs

Surface Conditioning Type 'R' Quick Change Discs

Non-Woven Material
2" and 3" Discs
Equal to Lockit, Powerlock III & Roloc TR


Non woven quick change surface conditioning discs on a type 'R' mandrel. These discs easy mount and stay securely in place. Great for blending and finishing and rust removal on metals, plastics and composits while mounted on any penumatic grinding tool or even your power drill! We use a plastic mounting system to eliminate any issues will rusting or degrading over time.

  • Non Woven Abrasive Material
  • 2" or 3" Discs
  • Type 'R' attaches to Lockit, Powerlock III and 3M Rolock TR mounting systems.
  • Balistic grade nylon buttons remove the risk of corrosion in metal fastening systems.
  • Great for: Deburring and surface prep, stock removal and leveling, blending and finishing, weld splatter removal, scale removal and rust removal.
  • Works on: Non-Ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, brass) and stainless steel. Also performes well on plastics, composites and hard woods.

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