Sanding Belts For Metal Sanding

Our closed coat aluminum oxide, zirconia or ceramic sanding belts are great for all metalworking applications. We manufacture any size up to 62" Wide. Don't find what you need? We custom make to order in 2-4 Business Days!


Premium Metal Sanding Belts 

Metal sanding is done for a variety of purposes that include surface polishing, rust removal, and edge deburring. At Fintech Abrasives, we manufacture closed-coat aluminum oxide, zirconia, and ceramic sanding belts in any size up to 62” wide. If there’s a size you’re looking for and we don’t have it in stock, we can custom manufacture it for you in two to four business days!

Sanding Recommendations for Different Types of Metals

Ferrous Metals

Steel of all types generates a great deal of frictional heat during grinding and polishing. Stainless steels, tool steels, and alloy steels with high nickel or cobalt content are particularly heat sensitive. As a result, these materials require slower belt speeds and the use of lubricants or coolants.

General polishing on ferrous metals is usually done with 80 - 150 grit abrasives, while fine polishing leading to buffing is normally done with 180 - 320 grit sanding belts. A grit of 500 or finer is normally used for very fine satin finishes or applications requiring precision tolerances. Most ferrous metals are ground with the following abrasives.

Aluminum Oxide Metal Sanding Belts

Metalworking industries commonly use aluminum oxide as a preferred abrasive grain. These metal sanding belts retain their cutting edges by fragmenting efficiently during the sanding process, extending their working life significantly.  They are compatible with most metals: while cast iron is usually ground with coarser-grit ceramic or zirconia, most polishing can be done with aluminum oxide, which is considered the ‘workhorse’ of the metal sanding industry.

Despite being limited to dry applications, aluminum oxide has become one of the most popular and trusted materials for metalworking sanding belts, making them an essential resource in any metal fabrication or polishing shop.

Ceramic Metal Sanding Belts

Ceramic is an extremely high-performance grain. Its closed-coat composition ensures a consistent finish because the grain is evenly applied without any voids. In addition to aggressive cutting abilities, ceramic sanding belts have a unique structure that creates sharp new cutting edges with every use, extending their working life.

As a result of its fast and durable cutting action, it is an ideal abrasive for removing stock, preparing metal surfaces, and polishing workpieces. Traditionally, ceramic belts have been used to apply smooth finishes in applications such as:

  • Aluminum castings

  • Stainless steel finishing

  • Titanium alloys

Zirconia Metal Sanding Belts

Due to its coarser grain, zirconia is stronger and more heat-resistant than many abrasives. Often found in steel fabrication shops, zirconia sanding belts excel at machining and high-pressure grinding. Their rugged performance makes them especially suitable for cutting stainless steel, deburring harder metals, and processing welds, rotors, and blades. 

Compared to most other abrasives, zirconia is more friable, lasts longer, and results in less heat build-up. Although zirconia metal sanding belts are slightly more expensive, their longevity makes them worth the extra expense.

Silicon Carbide Metal Sanding Belts

Abrasives made from silicon carbide are some of the hardest in the world outside of diamond ones. Despite its tendency to wear faster than aluminum oxide, silicon carbide is still a long-lasting product suitable for hard materials, rough surfaces, and polishing. This grain is best used on harder metals since it removes material without excessive heat buildup. In the aerospace industry, silicon carbide belts are commonly used due to their non-contaminating properties.

Non-Ferrous Metals

Metals that don't contain iron as a main element are considered non-ferrous. Aluminum, zinc, and brass are the most common non-ferrous metalworking materials. Bronze, copper, and magnesium are other non-ferrous metals that require grinding and polishing to bring out their best qualities.

There are two common grit ranges for non-ferrous polishing: 80 to 180 for most applications, and 150 to 240 for finer surface treatment. When anodizing aluminum, it may be necessary to polish the metal to 320 in order to fully smooth out imperfections.

Non-ferrous metals are generally softer than steels. As a result, abrasive belts tend to load (clog) more quickly without lubricants or slower belt speeds. Aluminum oxide belts are usually used for non-ferrous polishing, but zirconia belts are preferred for satin finishes or when fast cutting is a priority. 

Backing on Metal Sanding Belts

Fintech Abrasives sells metal sanding belts with an X-weight cloth backing that’s rugged yet flexible enough to excel at most belt sanding applications. Although less flexible than the common J-weight backing, it can still accommodate workpieces that may be too demanding for a J-weight belt. It is suitable for applications involving stock removal and final finishing under medium pressure.

Where Are Your Metal Sanding Belts Shipped From?

All of our metal sanding belts are manufactured at our facility in Belding, Michigan, and shipped directly to our customers. Our goal is to ship your order to you within three to four business days at most. If you place an order before 11:00 a.m. EST and we have the metal sanding belt you are looking for in stock, we can often send it out to you within 24 hours.

Does Fintech Ship Metal Sanding Belts Internationally?

Yes, Fintech Abrasives regularly ships metal sanding belts to metal fabricators, production facilities, and hobbyist manufacturers all over the world. If you live outside of the United States and would like to place an order, please call (888) 223-8768 and we can provide you with a shipping quote for your location.

Can Customers Order Custom Metal Sanding Belts?

We certainly do! We can custom manufacture our metal sanding belts in the size you need if you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website. Turnaround time varies from two to four days, depending on our current production volume. To place an order or get a free quote, please call (888) 223-8768 Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. EST. You can also use our custom order form to place your order.

Questions About Our Metal Sanding Belts? 

At Fintech Abrasives, we are proud of our reputation as a trusted provider of premium-quality metal sanding belts. We have been manufacturing abrasive sanding belts, metal sanding discs, and sanding sheets for metal sanding for years, and have worked with hobbyists, small production shops, and large manufacturing companies alike. 

If you have questions or need help selecting the right size metal sanding belt for your belt sander, our abrasive technicians would be happy to help. Please call (888) 223-8768 or fill out a contact form and we’ll respond as soon as possible.