Sanding Belts For Stone Sanding

Our silicon carbide sanding belts are great for concrete and stone. We carry any size up to 62". Don't find what you need? We custom make to order in 2-4 Business Days!


Industrial Grade Stone Sanding Belts

Stone sanding is a key process in several industries. Granite and marble are routinely used as decorative stones for cladding in the construction industry, and memorials and monuments value marble in particular for its ability to sustain a high polish. 

Fintech Abrasives offers a wide range of silicon carbide sanding belts engineered to grind, sand, and polish stone surfaces. Our products can be used with various types of stone, granite, and marble workpieces, making them an asset to any workshop or facility where stone sanding is a core process. We carry any size up to 62", and custom orders are available on request.

Why Silicon Carbide Is The Best Grain For Sanding Stone

Fintech Abrasives sells sanding belts with several different abrasive grains, including aluminum oxide, ceramic, zirconia, and silicon carbide. Silicon carbide is generally considered the best abrasive grain for sanding stone. 

Silicon carbide is a hard abrasive with razor-sharp edges that can easily cut stone, metal, glass, and plastic using light pressure. Its consistent and even cut rate means that it’s commonly used for finishing work; this cut rate quality remains the same for the entire working life of the abrasive, which makes silicon carbide sanding belts worth their higher investment.

Silicon carbide is also preferred for applications like stone, because of its ability to remove material without excessive heat build up. You’re less likely to damage heat sensitive applications with silicon carbide sanding belts. 

Additional information:

  • All of our silicon carbide stone sanding belts are closed coat, meaning that the abrasive grains are spread evenly across the belt surface, without any gaps. This thorough coverage results in a finer finish for stone surfaces and a longer working life.

  • All silicon carbide sanding belts designed for stone grinding and polishing have a Y-wgt (24-60 grit) or X-wgt (80 Grit and finer) cloth backing. Our cloth materials are stronger and have a ratio of flexibility, flatness, and weight that maximizes abrasive performance.

Tips for Sanding Stone with Silicon Carbide

When sanding unfinished stone, it’s essential to start with a rougher grit in order to flatten the surface first, as the final polishing results rely on how well you grind it. Many operators neglect the grinding and finishing stages and focus solely on polishing in an attempt to get a high gloss, but this will not help unless the stone’s porous surface is smoothed out and any imperfections, such as pitting or gouges, worn away.

For example, if you are restoring a marble tabletop, start with 220-grit silicon carbide if you’re trying to smooth out surface imperfections. For small blemishes in the stone, start with 400-grit. Otherwise, start with 600-grit. As you progress through the grits, use a higher number until you reach 1600 or 2000 (or stop earlier if you like the result). Keep the sanded area moist to avoid burning it. 

Other tips:

  • Confirm the required grinding pressure, which determines material removal rate. When working with stone, it's important to understand its qualities because excessive pressure can cause scratches, burn marks, and breaks. Harder, more porous stone like granite requires more pressure than softer stone like marble. 

  • With stone surfaces, grinding, honing, and polishing require an adequate flow of water to ensure good surface preparation and inhibit burn marks and scratches. 

Are Custom Stone Sanding Belts Available?

Yes! If you don’t see the belt size you’re looking for on our website, we can custom manufacture our silicon carbide sanding belts in any size you need. Turnaround time is usually two to four days, depending on volume. Call (888) 223-8768 for a free quote or to order custom wide belts. You can also use our custom order form.

Does Fintech Ship Internationally?

Fintech makes its wide stone sanding belts available to industrial manufacturers across the globe. If you are outside of the United States and would like to place an order, please contact us directly first so that we can provide you with a shipping quote.

Where Are Your Stone Sanding Belts Shipped From?

All of our silicon carbide wide sanding belts are manufactured and shipped directly from our factory in Belding, Michigan. Our goal is to ship your order out to you within three to four business days from the date you place it. However, if we have the belt you want in stock and order before 11:00 a.m. EST, we can usually get it out to you within 24 hours.

Questions About Our Sanding Belts for Stone Sanding? Our Abrasive Technician Can Help!

At Fintech Abrasives, we believe that two things have gotten us where we are today: premium abrasives and superior customer service. If you need more information about our products, our abrasive technicians can answer your questions and recommend appropriate abrasive solutions for your application. To speak with a technician, call (888) 223-8768 or fill out a contact form and we’ll be in touch!