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H&L Wet/Dry Sharpening film Discs

H&L Wet/Dry Sharpening film Discs

Aluminum-Oxide (A/O)
Available 5” or 6”
80– 2000 Grit 
Hook and Loop (Velcro)

Special waterproof polyester film aluminum oxide (A/O) felt backed film discs are a solid choice for dry finishing on raw metal applications such as scissor and knife honing and sharpening. These polyester discs are precisely stamped and bonded with an industrial grade stick on backing. Premium film material provides a high strength product and a solid finish with a long working life. These discs work great on woodworking and metal working applications. Use in dry applications.


  • Blue Aluminum Oxide (A/O) Grain
  • H&L (Velcro) backing
  • Open coat | Resin over resin bonding
  • Ultra flexible polyester (PE) film backing
  • Wet or Dry applications
  • Release paper protects the adhesive from harmful contaminants and allows for superior grip
  • Works great on knife, blade and scissor sharpening. Raw metal finishing (aluminum, etc).
  • Anti-Clogging Stearate lubricant (except 60-100 grit) - runs cooler and resists loading

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