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Indasa White Rhynalox PSA Link Rolls

Indasa White Rhynalox PSA Link Rolls

Aluminum-Oxide (A/O)
Available 5” or 6”
No-Hole Link Roll
PSA (Stick on)

Demand the best. Demand Rhyno discs! Production-grade Indasa brand Rhynalox White Line PSA (Stick on) discs are preferred by wood, automotive, and industrial markets. They are manufactured for productivity, efficiency, durability, and cost effectiveness. Indasa White Line discs provide quality sanding with high efficiency and high cutting power. Great for general-purpose hand sanding of wood, primers, old paints, fillers, panels, and walls. Use in dry applications only.


  • White Aluminum Oxide (A/O) Grain
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) | Semi Closed Coat – Reduces loading and extends abrasive cutting power
  • D Weight (40-120 grit) C Weight (150-600 grit) paper backing | Dry applications only
  • Link Roll for easy use in shop environments
  • Works great for hand sanding of wood, finishes, automotive, and flat surfaces.
  • Anti-Clogging Stearate lubricant - runs cooler and resists loading (150-600 grit only)



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