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10 lb Bargain Box of Sandpaper

10 lb Bargain Box of Sandpaper

Sold in Boxes of 1
Various grits available

Take advantage of a super deal by loading up on a 10 lb. box of premium sandpaper! During our manufacturing process, we naturally create end cuts and over runs. We are passing the savings on to you by boxing these pieces up. We make sure that every piece is at least 7" wide and contains little to no blemishes. Every piece comes from end cuts and runoffs from our industrial customers. Use for general hand sanding, or cut your own discs and sheets for sanders. Sold in packs of 1.


  • All pieces are 7" or wider
  • Premium Aluminum Oxide (A/O)
  • Cloth Backing
  • Various grits / weights / backings
  • Great for woodworking (softwood and hardwoods) and general hand sanding of finishes, veneers, solid surfaces, non ferrous metals (aluminum, etc) and plastics.

Available in:

Course Grits (60, 80 grit)

Medium Grits (100, 120, 150 grit)

Fine Grits (180, 220, 320, 400)

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