Sandpaper Rolls

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Industrial Sandpaper Rolls From Fintech Abrasives

Sandpaper rolls are used for several functions, from removing stock and build-up to smoothing and refining surfaces. At Fintech Abrasives, we manufacture an extensive range of industrial-grade sandpaper rolls designed to sand many materials, from metal, wood, and glass to stone. 

Our standard rolls are available in sizes up to 6” wide, but if you’re looking for a unique size, we can custom manufacture it and have it out to you in two to four business days! Contact our abrasive technicians to learn more!

What Sandpaper Rolls Are Available?

The use of sandpaper rolls is popular among manufacturers, builders, contractors, and professional craftsmen. Unlike sanding sheets, rolls are usually purchased in bulk. Each roll comes in a single grit but is offered in a variety of widths.

Longboard Sandpaper Rolls

Longboards are sturdy yet flexible sanding boards that measure around 3" wide and 16" long. A longboard has clips on each end to attach sandpaper, handles on each end for the user to hold, and a thin layer of padding on the bottom. Our Indasa Red longboard sandpaper rolls are available with a PSA or hook and loop backing 

Drum Sander Strips

Our drum sander strip rolls are compatible with most drum sander makes and models: Delta, Jet, Performax, Woodtek, Powermatic and more. You wrap drum sanders by inserting one end of the sandpaper into the hole or clip, wrapping it around the drum, and then clipping in the other end. Available with zirconia or open-coat aluminum oxide and sturdy cloth backing, our premium-quality drum sander rolls are an asset to any woodworking or metalworking shop. You’ll save money cutting your own strips from rolls as opposed to buying pre-cut strips.

Plumber Shop Sandpaper Rolls

Plumber shop sanding rolls are designed to remove residue and restore the appearance of copper, brass, and aluminum pipes before welding. They are also suitable for woodworking, furniture repair, automotive bodywork, fiberglass or metal treatment, paint removal, and other hand-sanding projects.

Backing on Sandpaper Rolls

Fintech Abrasives sells sandpaper rolls with different types of backing, each one designed to accommodate a different sander or application.

  • PSA: PSA sanding rolls are popular for several reasons. They’re easy to apply and remove and result in a flat surface that supports even finishes. For many sanding shops, these types of rolls are the most cost-effective option since they can be used until the grit is completely ground down.
  • Hook and Loop: Hook and loop sanding rolls are aluminum oxide sanding pads with backings designed to be easily applied, removed, and re-applied (think velcro). With their superior grip, they won't slip once attached. Our hook and loop rolls are designed primarily for longboard sanders. 

  • Cloth: Cloth backing supports applications that require flexibility and durability. Our cloth-backed sandpaper rolls are available in the following weights: 

    • J-weight backing, which is the lightest and most flexible. Used when surface uniformity is more important than stock removal.

    • X-weight backing, which is used for coarse grit stock removal as well as fine grit polishing and finishing. X-weight backings are known for their consistent productivity, good finishes, and long product life.

    • Y-weight backing, which is designed for extreme pressure and heavy stock removal operations. Y-weight backings are most often seen on heavy-duty, long-lasting abrasive rolls.

  • Paper: Paper backings are manufactured to very precise specifications to ensure certain essential physical properties including adhesion, finish, flexibility, strength, and weight. Our paper-backed sandpaper rolls come with a C-weight backing, which is flexible without compromising on strength.

What Abrasives Do You Use on Your Sandpaper Rolls?

Fintech Abrasives primarily uses two kinds of abrasives on our sandpaper rolls: aluminum oxide and zirconia.

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum oxide is considered the workhorse of abrasive grains. It’s one of the most popular abrasive grains, especially for woodworking. Open-coat aluminum oxide is recommended for softer materials like softwoods that produce large quantities of residue while sanding. Closed-coat aluminum oxide is recommended for harder materials that require a more aggressive cut like metals and hardwoods. Aluminum oxide sanding rolls are offered at a lower price point than zirconia sanding rolls, but they also do not last as long as zirconia sanding rolls. 


Zirconia is highly heat resistant and considerably stronger than many abrasives. Steel fabrication shops often use zirconia sandpaper rolls because they excel at machining and high-pressure grinding. Due to their more rugged performance, they are not ideal for polishing jobs, but they’re great for cutting, grinding, and burr removal on harder metals.

In comparison to some abrasives, zirconia will last longer, be more friable, and provide a cooler grinding or sanding experience. It is more expensive than aluminum oxide, but its longevity makes it worthwhile. 

What Grit Sizes Are Available on Your Sandpaper Rolls?

Our sandpaper rolls are available in coarse, medium, fine, and ultra-fine grades.

  • Coarse Grades: They typically range from 24 to 60 grit. The coarser grades of sandpaper are suitable for more aggressive jobs like removing paint, rust, and other debris.

  • Medium Grades: Medium coarseness is defined as an abrasive with a grit value between 60 and 120. A grit level of this size can be used for shaping wood, particularly for rounding corners. For softer woods, it may also be a good choice for the first sanding.

  • Fine Grades: Fine grades vary widely. For most people, anything between 120 and 280 is fine enough. You can use this for everything from general-purpose sanding to smoothing finishes between paint coats. 

  • Ultra-Fine Grades: Our ultra-fine sandpaper goes up to 400 grit. These abrasives are great for final polishing and smoothing jobs.

Where Are Your Sandpaper Rolls Shipped From?

The sandpaper rolls we manufacture are shipped directly to our customers from our facility in Belding, Michigan. In most cases, we will ship your order within three to four business days. We can usually ship the sandpaper roll you need within 24 hours if you place an order before 11:00 a.m. EST.

Can Customers Order Sandpaper Rolls?

Absolutely. If you don't see the sandpaper roll you need on our website, we can manufacture it for you. Depending on our current production volume, turnaround time ranges from two to four days. Contact us at (888) 223-8768 if you are interested in placing an order or getting a free quote. Orders can also be placed using our custom order form.

Does Fintech Ship Sandpaper Rolls Internationally?

We certainly do. Fintech Abrasives ships sandpaper rolls to customers around the world on a regular basis. To receive a shipping quote for a location outside of the United States, please call (888) 223-8768. between 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST. 

Questions About Our Sandpaper Rolls? 

Fintech Abrasives has been providing customers in various industries with industrial-quality sandpaper rolls since 1982. Our premium products have generated a level of demand and customer loyalty that we are proud of. Whatever size sandpaper roll you need, we either have it in stock or can custom manufacture it for you. For more information or to place an order, please call (888) 223-8768 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.