Velcro Loop Backed (Felt) Cloth Drum Sander Rolls | Fintech Abrasives
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Velcro Loop Backed (Felt) Cloth Drum Sander Rolls

Velcro Loop Backed (Felt) Cloth Drum Sander Rolls

Velcro Loop backed Aluminum Oxide (A/O)
3" Wide | 4" Wide | 4 1/2" Wide | 6" Wide
80, 120, 180 Grit
Heavy X-wgt Ploy Cloth
Cut your own drum sanding wraps and save $$$

Our most popular woodworking aluminum oxide material are guaranteed not to cause wood burn when used on your drum sander. Heavy X-wgt cloth with open coat wood working A/O is specifically designed to give you that perfect finish on softwoods and hardwoods. Velcro loop felt backing for easy application and removal on your drum sander. Don't pay extra when you don't need to! Just cut to length and take an old drum sanding wrap to use as a guide to taper the ends. Get more wraps for your money.

  • Red Aluminum Oxide (A/O) Grain
  • Velcro loop felt backing
  • 80, 120, 180 grit – open coat
  • Heavy X-weight poly/cotton cloth backing | Resin Over Resin Bonding
  • Best for softwoods and hardwoods. Also works on non ferrous metals (aluminum, titanium, etc.), carbon steel, stainless steel, plastics, and veneer
  • Anti-static - Reduces dust / Anti-clogging stearate – provides extra heat resistance while reducing loading.

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