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Why Buy From Fintech?

Expert Engineering
Fintech takes its commitment to excellence seriously. When you buy from Fintech, you buy the same expertly engineered products we provide to some of the largest industrial woodworking, plastics, glass, stone, textiles, and metal finishing manufactures in the country. As a manufacturer, we are able to construct tailor made products for virtually any finishing application requested. Our source materials are the best available. We have been around the world to work closely with material manufactures to ensure our products meet or exceed your available standards.

When you pay top dollar for sandpaper, you need to know that you are receiving the best material for your job requirements. You can get a 3M™ finish without the 3M™ price! We choose from a wide variety of materials from various manufactures from around the world to fit the process and materials you need best.

Unsurpassed service
Fintech’s reputation is based on excellent customer service and superior technical service. We are available to ask any finishing related questions. If you have any questions about your personalized operation, need assistance choosing the right product for your application, or need a product designed to meet your exacting requirements, let us know by dropping us a line here.

We have worked with multimillion-dollar companies and professional woodworkers alike to ensure they receive the best product for the job. We will not compromise your finish, so you can stand confidently behind all your products!

We are constantly evolving, check back often as we are constantly expanding our product line to fit your needs.
Competitive Pricing
We choose a product line that reflects the highest quality needs at the best value available. We will not compromise quality to achieve competitive pricing. We only use material that has been battle-tested by some of the most demanding industrial production lines in the world. How can we keep our prices competitive without losing quality? As a manufacturer, we are in a unique position to provide better than market prices. We sell the equivalent of 7 miles of 12-inch sand paper each week. This allows us to pass our volume discounting to you.
Our non-manufactured products are sourced to provide the highest quality industrial grade materials without breaking the bank. We stand behind all of our products. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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