Custom Made Sanding Belts


Wide range of In-stock Material: Aluminum Oxide, Zirconia, Ceramic, Silicon Carbide, Non-Woven and specialty products.


We carry a wide variety of cloth backings from ultra flexible F-wgt to heavy duty Z-wgt.


Capability to make nearly any size single splice belt, up to 67" wide and over 400" long. Custom made to order per your specific requirements.

Paper, Cloth and Film Wide Belts (up to 67" Wide) 
Air File Belts (1/4"-1" Wide) 
Portable Belts 
Benchtop and Back Stand Belts 
Stroke Belts 
Robotic Applications 
Wet Applications

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We created the Red Label Abrasives brand to provide industrial quality products for DIY enthusiasts, knife makers, and small businesses. 

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