Marhar Snowboards Finishes with Fintech

Take the guess work out of finishing, tuning and servicing!

Fintech partnered with Marhar Snowboards to perfect their snowboard finishing and servicing line, lowering costs and increasing finish consistency. Read on to see how our new wax belt improved their process.


Step 1: Deburr and Flatten

Use our fully waterproof 80G Zirconia Belt to remove imperfections and flatten.

Step 2: Remove Finish

Next, use our fully waterproof 120G Zirconia Belt to remove existing finish.

Step 3: Smooth and Hone

Follow up with a 150G Aluminum Oxide to smooth and hone. Multiple passes may be required.

Step 4: Wax and Finish

Finally, apply max and finish with Fintech's special non-woven wax belt to create a perfect finish.

Before working with Fintech, we struggled finding a consistent supplier for our services abrasives. Fintech worked with us to source the right material. We have cut our new and used snowboard service and finishing time in half with Fintech's non-woven wax belt.

Joshua Skiles, Managing Director
Marhar Snowboards


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